Specialized Public Relations
for Attorneys

For attorneys working a case for which they would like to generate publicity, it is imperative to work with a PR practitioner who knows how to work with a legal team to craft the story and who can get that message quickly to the right people in the media, whether local or national.   At Julison Communications, we have been working closely with attorneys to navigate the communication process with media for nearly two decades.  And we will work closely with your clients to provide them with both an understanding of the process and thorough media training, so they'll be prepared to effectively tell their story.    In short, there is no learning curve at Julison Communications.  We've directed communications for attorneys and their clients in all manner of legal proceedings.    In short, if it's a story worth telling, we can help develop a communications strategy and get it in the hands of appropriate local and national media, immediately. It truly takes a partnership to communicate in the midst of legal proceedings, but the benefits to all involved make it not only worthwhile, but necessary.

Crisis Communications PR

No one likes to be the bearer of bad news, especially when it's about you, your clients or your company.  In fact, communicating with media and your key constituents during a crisis can be one of the most challenging situations your organization will ever face.   But the way in which people, companies or organizations handle communications during a difficult time can make all the difference in whether they will be able to mitigate a bad situation.   At Julison Communications, we make it our business to help you navigate the complexity of a crisis and manage your communications efforts.  We are experienced and have handled a wide-range of high-profile crises on the national stage, including those involving complicated legal and financial issues.   Communication in crisis requires a strategic partnership between public relations professional, management and legal counsel.  Often, PR pros and attorneys are at odds over what and how much to say, if anything.   But experience has proven that disseminating information strategically and carefully to the media and your key audiences during a crisis or legal proceeding can be essential in quelling the rumor mill and providing much needed confidence to the public. 

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