Dylan Randle
is a mild-mannered

autistic student in Mississippi. As part of a pattern of bullying by students at his high school, Dylan was punched in the face and taunted, and it was all captured on video by the bullies' friends. The high school's principal laughingly dismissed the situation as being "handled," while the bullies each got a three-day suspension.

Julison Communications got involved to help the family tell their story and to encourage those who spot bullying to report it to administrators or others in authority. Ryan Julison worked closely with the Randle family to develop messaging for the local media and also pitched the story nationally to Geraldo at Large, who sent a crew to Mississippi to do a story. USA Today also referenced the family in a story about bullying. Multiple stories aired around the country and the event was used as a teachable moment both in the local community and on the subject of bullying nationally.

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