Wife of murdered
code enforcement officer
finally gets justice...

Mickey Wright, a code enforcement officer in Shelby (Memphis, Tenn.) County, went missing following a code enforcement visit to the home of avowed racist Dale Mardis in 2001. Years went by before authorities had any significant leads but Wright's wife Frances continued to push to discover what exactly had happened to her husband. Mardis was eventually charged with Wright's murder and recently confessed to the crime. He was sentenced to life in prison, meaning Frances Wright's determination and tireless efforts had resulted in justice in the criminal aspect of the case.

Julison Communications was brought in by Wright's attorney to help tell Frances Wright's story and to plan the announcement of a civil lawsuit. Julison worked closely with the Wright family and her attorneys to draft messaging, prepare the statement she read to media following the sentencing and to plan for the next steps in the case. It was the top story in Memphis and also resonated nationally through AP and other media.

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